• What are the criteria for contributing data?

    Any investigator who fulfills the following criteria can contribute data:

    i) provides experimentally derived data, and,
    ii) is willing to share data, and,
    iii) is willing to be listed as the 'contributor' of the data

  • Can I contribute data anonymously?

    Anonymous contributions are not allowed. Contributor details should be clearly presented while contributing data.

  • Can bioinformatically predicted data be shared through Human Proteinpedia?

    Predictions of any type are not allowed. Contributed data should be derived experimentally and should be accompanied with experimental evidence.

  • Is the contributed data subjected to peer review?

    The data are not subjected to peer review and the actual experimental data (raw or processed) should be provided as far as possible.

  • What will happen to conflicting results from different laboratories?

    In cases where a given entry is documented as erroneous, we will consult with the contributing group(s) about deleting the entry.

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