Experimental Details - HuPA_00013
Experiment type Fusion proteins for subcellular localization
Short description Organellar proteomic analysis
Experimental description HeLa cells were transfected with gi:23271560 (nucleotide gi:23271559) in pEGFP-N1 vector (Clontech). 48h post-transfection cells were fixed with 3%PFA in PBS for 20min RT. Cells were stained for GM130 (Transduction laboratories) followed by Cy3-coupled secondary antibody (Jackson Immunoresearch, West Grove, PA, USA).
Principal Investigator's NameDr. Ragna Rönnholm
TitleUniversity lecturer
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
University of Helsin, FI- 14
Data submitted byMaarit Takatalo
Published/Unpublished Published
Journal name
PubMed ID 16691549
Sample source
Tissue: HeLa
Cell line:
Source organism Homo sapiens [Taxonomy:9606]

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