Experimental Details - HuPA_00015
Experiment type Mass spectrometry
Short description HeLa phosphoproteome anlaysis
Experimental description HeLa cells were stimulated with epidermal growth factor (EGF) and temporal profiles were observed.
Principal Investigator's NameDr. Matthias Mann
AddressMax Planck Institute for Biochemistry
Department of Proteomics and Signal Transduction
Martinsried, D- 82152
Data submitted byFlorian Gnad
TitlePh.D. Student
Published/Unpublished Published
Journal name
PubMed ID 17081983
Sample source
Cell line: HeLa
Source organism Homo sapiens [Taxonomy:9606]
Labeling technique SILAC labeling method (L-lysine-2H4, L-lysine-U-13C6-15N2, L-arginine-U-13C6, L-arginine-U-13C6-15N4)
Protease used Trypsin
Is the sample from in gel No
Reduction and Alkylation DTT and iodoacetamide
Mass spectrometer
Instrument: 1. LTQ FT [PSI:1000448]
2. LTQ Orbitrap [PSI:1000449]
Vendor: 1. ThermoFinnigan [PSI:1000125]
2. ThermoFinnigan [PSI:1000125]
Ionization method ESI [PSI:1000073]
Fragmentation method CID [PSI:1000133]
Mass tolerance used for database searching (MS)
Mass tolerance used for database searching (MS/MS)
Database used for searching IPI
Search engine used Mascot
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