Experimental Details - HuPA_00144
Experiment type Mass spectrometry
Short description Large-scale mapping of protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry
Experimental description 338 bait proteins were selected based on known or suspected disease and functional associations. Large-scale immunoprecipitation of Flag-tagged versions of these proteins followed by LC-ESI-MS/MS analysis resulted in the identification of 24,540 potential protein interactions. False positives and redundant hits were filtered out using empirical criteria and a calculated interaction confidence score, producing a data set of 6463 interactions between 2235 distinct proteins.
Principal Investigator's NameDr. Daniel Figeys
TitleCanada Research Chair in Proteomics and Systems Biology
AddressCase Center for Proteomics/Department of Genetics
Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology
Ottawa , ON K1H 8M5
Data submitted byDr. Rob M Ewing
TitleAssistant Professor & Director of Bioinformatics
Published/Unpublished Published
Journal name
PubMed ID 17353931
Sample source
Tissue: HEK293
Cell line:
Source organism Homo sapiens [Taxonomy:9606]
Labeling technique None
Protease used Trypsin
Is the sample from in gel Yes
Reduction and Alkylation
Mass spectrometer
Instrument: LCQ Deca
Vendor: ThermoFinnigan
Ionization method ESI [PSI:1000073]
Fragmentation method CID [PSI:1000133]
Mass tolerance used for database searching (MS) 2 Da
Mass tolerance used for database searching (MS/MS) 0.4 Da
Database used for searching GenBank, TrEMBL, SwissProt, IPI and Ensembl
Search engine used Mascot 1.9
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