Experimental Details - HuPA_00689
Experiment type Co-immunoprecipitation based protein-protein interaction
Short description
Experimental description Reciprocal co-immunoprecipitation of NCK1 and RASA1 with polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies from untreated or PDGF-stimulated cells shows constitutive complex formation between these proteins. Far-Western experiments and the ability of recombinant N-terminal part of RASA1 to interact with recombinant NCK1 as assayed by mass spectrometry shows direct binding. Interaction is abrogated by cell dissociation from the substrate. RASA1 activity towards H-Ras is increased by Nck1 binding in vitro and in vivo.
Principal Investigator's NameMindaugas Valius
AddressVilnius University Institute of Biochemistry
Mokslininku str. 12
Vilnius, none LT-08662
Published/Unpublished Published
Journal name
PubMed ID 21664272
Sample source
Tissue: HepG2
Cell line:
Source organism Homo sapiens [Taxonomy:9606]

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