Experiment identifier: HuPA_00361

Experiment type: Mass spectrometry

Experimental description: DIGE experiment. Picking gels were stained with ruthenium bathrenolate. The spot picking, digestion and extraction were carried out using a spot handling workstation (ETTAN Spot handling workstation, GE Healthcare) and a standard protocol provided by GE Healthcare.

Published/Unpublished: Published

PubMed ID: 17315909

Principal Investigator's Details:

Principal Investigator's Name: Dr. Peter James

Title: Professor

E-mail: peter.james@Timmun.lth.se

Address: Protein Technology
Lund University, BMC D13
Lund, 22184

Country: Sweden

Lab URL: http://www.proteomics.swegene.lu.se

Submitter details:

Data submitted by: Dr. Fredrik Levander

Title: Assistant Professor

E-mail: Fredrik.Levander@Timmun.lth.se

Sample source: Ovarian tumor

Source organism: Homo sapiens [Taxonomy:9606]

Labeling technique: DIGE

Protease used: Trypsin

Is the sample from in gel: Yes

Reduction and Alkylation: Yes

Mass spectrometer - Instrument: Q-Tof Ultima [PSI:1000189]

Mass spectrometer - Vendor: Waters [PSI:1000126]

Ionization method: ESI [PSI:1000073]

Fragmentation method: CID [PSI:1000133]

Mass tolerance used for database searching (MS): 0.1 Da

Mass tolerance used for database searching (MS/MS): 0.1 Da

Database used for searching: IPI_Human 2.38

Search engine used: Mascot